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Portfolio created 15-09-2012

To start with, I would like to thank my parents for two things. They have nurtured me so well and have taken utmost care in me, which makes me what I am. I have always believed in the credo "If you set your sights far and the intention is strong, your feet will carry you there".

I started my career as Quality Assurance tester in EA Games and during the 1.8 years of my experience I gained lots of knowledge about the various mobile platforms like J2ME, WinCE, Symbian and BREW. By performing well in mobile platform, I have been shifted to the Frontline team which is the most responsible team in quality assurance testing for mobile applications. Then from Frontline team I have been promoted to the iPhone team, where I gained more knowledge about the Apple platform [MAC].

I act as a Point Of Contact for the recent project NFS-SHIFT for iPhone and iPod Touch, This project required me to believe in myself and in what I thought was good for the company. I had to take a pro-active approach, take the initiative and play a leadership role in motivating people and executing the project to completion. The following are the some of the titles I worked for Mobile and iPhone Application: Risk, Trivial pursuit, Deal or No Deal, GiJoe, NFS-SHIFT, Marble Madness, Jewel Quest III, Sims3, Surviving High School, NBA LIVE 10 and Mirrors Edge.

I joined John Codona pleasure Fairs Ltd as an arcade supervisor for 1.5 years and I am in charge of the daily operation which includes the opening and closing of the Arcade, Video games deck, Electronic casino, Caesars games emporium and XD theatre. This further includes the customer service and the arcade management.

My Skills

3D Graphics, Advertising, Animation, Branding, Flash, Graphic Design, HTML, Logotypes, App Design, Photography, Product Design, UI Design, Web Design


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